A Hub of Innovation

The Health and Technology District is a vibrant ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs working alongside scientists, educators and healthcare providers, each representing a range of businesses, technologies and research fields. Co-locating around this innovation hub, provides a collaborative community where significant advances are made towards research, science, technology and innovation.

Health & Technology District, Surrey

Innovation Hub

Located on the second floor of CC1, The Innovation HUB offers semi shared spaces to a range of start-up companies, innovators, academic institutions and established companies to inspire creative collaboration, cross-pollination of ideas and accelerated time-to-market.


Space for Collaboration

State of-the-art resources allows forward-thinking thought leaders to integrate with exponential technologies to inspire learning with local, national and global industry leaders.


Integrated Academic Space

The Integrated Academic Space is the first of its kind in Canada, offering an open-concept learning environment with shared resources that include classrooms, simulation labs, and lecture spaces in a stimulating social environment.

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Room for Growth

The Health and Technology District encompasses CC1, CC2 and CC3, with plans to add up to City Centre 8 to accommodate growing demand.

Health and Technology District VR

For more information, please visit theĀ Health & Technology District.